Monday, March 8, 2010

Fish Guts

One of the many benefits of living by the ocean is fresh fish. Fish used to be one of those special things I'd treat myself to when it was on sale, but now it's free! (plus effort).

We can go catch little trout (and eat like fish sticks) or smoke some eel - it's actually really good. But the most fun I've had was going fishing with a net. Well, the men were the ones fishing with the net, some of us women go along for the fun.

It is one of the most beautiful things, being by the ocean at night - especially with a mostly full moon reflecting on the patches of wet sand - and then seeing Fairy Penguins at the end of the night. It such a calm relaxing things being by the ocean, and it's much more pronounced at night.

After the men drag the net back onto shore, everyone helps pick out the fish - or a least located them in the net with their flash lights. Back at home we all help scale and wash the fish, and one person separates the meat from the bones. After this happens is where a lot of my interest lies. I now get to hunt for fish guts

I like to take the heart and the livers, all very small, but with enough fish you get enough for one meal. Especially nice to find is the fish roe, very high in a whole bunch of good stuff. However, it is amazing to find how little of these fish are female. Usually only one or two roes are found in 10 or 15 fish.

We all celebrate with some cooked fish right there (at like midnight) and then the rest is frozen for later use. How much more fresher can you get?

Now with the guts. The way I like to eat them is just fry them all up with onions, and scrambled eggs. I thought that was kind-of fun - fish eggs with chicken eggs!

It really tastes better that you are thinking it does. Joey complains that it smells the house up though, but it's warm enough here to keep all the windows open.

Once I used the remaining parts of the fish to make a fish broth, because I hate to think of wasting any of it - but I do not believe I will do that again - it really does stink up the house, and I'm the only one who would be eating it.

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